8 Ways to Make the Best of Tough Life Transitions

challenging life transition

A challenging life transition can throw you off track. Maybe you’re experiencing upheaval at work, and you’re worried about being laid off. Perhaps you’ve reached a crossroads in a romantic relationship, and you’re unsure about your future with your partner. Or maybe you’ve just moved to an area where you don’t know anybody, and you […]

How To Remain Focused On Your Goals

how to remain focused on your goals

How To Remain Focused On Your Goals In an ideal world, everyone would want to learn how to remain focused on your goals and the office would be a Zen zone where you could get your best work done, but the reality is it’s more like a minefield of distractions. From chatty colleagues to email […]

Best Way To Organize Your Life

best way to organize your life

Best Way To Organize Your Life The best way to organize your life, is in my opinion, to de-clutter. Personally, clutter is stressful and distracting. It’s almost impossible to find items when you need them. And, it occupies your mind from getting stuff done. How can you focus on your work when that stack of […]

Work Life Balance

work life balance - drinking coffee working in bed

Work Life Balance Work Life Balance Is A Journey, Not A Destination So many people are looking for the magical, elusive, work life balance equation that will solve all of their problems. Despite the resounding evidence that working long hours can be harmful to both employees and employers, many professionals still struggle to overcome their […]

Finding Your Flow

Finding Your Flow How To Get Into A State Of Flow In Life Finding your flow is something that can be achieved in the moment, and is often described as a “flow state,” and then there are other levels of getting into flow states which we will discuss here that are last longer and can […]

Proof That God Exists. Proof That God Doesn’t Exist

Find Your Flow Blog - Proof God Exists. Proof God Doesn't Exist. #spiritflow

Proof That God Exists. Proof That God Doesn’t Exist. All right. This evening I was with the team after a fantastic night of no-gi jiu-jitsu. We have this thing, jiu-jitsu then beer on Thursday nights. We talk about life and whatever. One of the guys is really smart with science and archeology and many other […]

Cobra Kai

Find Your Flow Blog - Cobra Kai #findyourflow

Cobra Kai This is a blog post about Cobra Kai the series. I will do my best to lay it out sequentially so that you can stop reading and not hit any spoiler alerts unknowingly. I’ll start by saying that I LOVE this show. I remembered seeing ads for it on YouTube but I didn’t […]

How To Start Your Own Podcast

Find Your Flow Blog - How to Start Your Own Podcast #spiritflow

How to Start Your Own Podcast How to Start Your Own Podcast The Easy Way! How to Start Your Own Podcast the easy and cheap way, then as you progress you may want to step it up, so this blog post will walk you through the process along with resources to help you flow through […]

RipSurf Review by Winston “the Find Your Flow guy”

Find Your Flow blog art - RipSurf Review by Winston Widdes

RipSurf Waveboard Review RipSurf Waveboard Review by Winston “the Find Your Flow guy” Widdes The RipSurf Waveboard is AMAZING. Let’s get right to it…. This things RIPS! For all us landlubber types that live inland, or even if you live near the sea but maybe you want to mix it up on a flat day, […]

Listening to Crickets – Book Review by Pup Widdes

Find Your Flow blog - Listening to Crickets book review

My Ratings of Listening to Crickets By Pup Widdes.       4/6/21 The book is about a person named Rachel Carson, who finds out that DDT is killing all kinds of animals and bugs! She had a tough life because she did a lot of things. For example she: studied science, took care of […]