I have been kinda down today. I was really burned out and tired and not feeling well on Friday. I took naps in the middle of the day. My allergies were killing me, I couldn’t do anything without burning sinuses dripping snot like a leaky faucet. Nice visual right?

Anyway, today I was kinda down, and I just realized that there are so many amazing things that happen in my life all the time and I need to really step back and notice them. And, even write them down. Acknowledge the significance and appreciate it. And that would get me back into the upward spiral…

So I am just going to randomly start blogging out all these mini-flows, coincidences, connections, etc.

* The title of this blogpost is borrowed from the theme of one of my son’s books.

* I studied this one cool jiu-jitsu sweep and today in training I hit it.

* Last week, I met a really cool entrepreneur named Stephanie McWilliams who runs this cool biz JoinTheUnstoppables and she described herself as “campy” which I thought was hilarious. A few days later, I woke up and that word and conversation ran through my mind as I was getting out of bed. Then, during ‘reading time’ I selected an interview in a magazine and the guy used the word “campiness”!

Join The Unstoppables! Here is Stephanie looking not at all campy.

Join The Unstoppables! Here is Stephanie looking not at all campy.

* My son saw one of my decks of language cards and asked if they were playing cards. I said no, but we can start learning these soon. The next day, we were talking with some of our friends and M said to my my son B, that he would get to something, (I don’t remember what) whatever it was ‘eventually’. The word ‘eventually’ caught my attention because it implies the passing of ‘time’ and is a language card in the deck B asked about. M’s husband C caught on and pointed out that it is a “temporal” word. That exchange is what I would refer to as a “Social Flow™.” (Yes, i know, lame to ™ it but its got to be done!)

* We had a big talk on Sunday about doing an event in January 2016. We talked about what would be the elements; music, juicing, yoga, etc. We were discussing what we think will resonate with people, what do people really want? We all went around the table and contributed ideas.

‘Eventually’, I pointed out that events billed as ‘yoga events’ are not something that I would generally go to, although I do like doing yoga at home. There would have to be something else for me, like dance music or some extra special art exhibit. Although, if I were already there and there happened to be yoga there going on, then I might stop by and do some stretches for a while before going on to something else. Anyway, the very next day I see this awesome picture of my friend and super-entrepreneur Christine McDannel, founder and owner of Eco Chateau doing a “100 mile per hour Upward Dog” yoga stretch on her motorcycle!

"100 MPH Upward Dog" yoga pose by Christine McDannell

“100 MPH Upward Dog” yoga pose by Christine McDannell

WHOA! I was creating “tags” for this blogpost and just now noticed that both of the ladies that I mention in this post have last names that start with “Mc”!! McDannell and McWilliams! Yay coincidence!