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Habit Forming: Forming Good Habits

Habit Forming: Forming Good Habits

“Habit forming” is usually associated with bad habits like smoking or drinking… But good actions can be habit forming too. Good habits are necessary in all areas of our lives. From losing weight, to learning how to manage your finances successfully....

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Flow…in my nose

Totally random post today, but, I want to mark this day because…I can breathe through both nostrils…AT THE SAME D___ TIME! This is AMAZING! I forgot what its like to get so much air with my mouth shut.  It’s truly a whole new world.  And, its thanks to...

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Found Flow Friday 7/15/16

Found Flow Friday 7/15/16

Wow.  Long week. Was up in Orange County for a biz trip.  Had a mastermind meeting with the one and only Henry Evans, the www.HourADayEntrepreneur.com one of my favorite people, awesomest mentors and biggest supporters. It was quite great.  I also managed to eat two...

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Where to Buy Real Estate Leads

Agents and Investors Ask: Where can I buy real estate leads? When you want to buy real estate leads its important to understand a few things about marketing and sales first.  This article will show you  the 3 Most Important Things You Must Know Before You Buy Real...