#underthedome coincidences and serendipities for you this week!  So many great coincidences all this week, but I haven’t been great about tracking them, but I do have a couple ready to go…

#underthedome – Yes, Elena and I LOVE this show.

We just watched the episode  ok, wait, this might be a spoiler alert, this was near the end of season 1 I think, just FYi.

So there is a prophecy that the Monarch will be crowned or something to that effect.  The next morning I’m sitting in traffic on my way to work, I look to the right and see this!

#underthedome Monarch Butterfly poster

#underthedome Monarch Butterfly poster

Yes, that is a Monarch butterfly poster!!! (I think, I’m no butterfly expert.)  Then, a moment later a REAL Monarch butterfly appears flying to my left.  AMAZING!!!

Then, at night, after putting little man to sleep, I was out jamming in the garage for a minute, singing a NOFX song that contains the word “Zenith.”  Then, when I was done I went in to watch Under The Dome, and the guy had a snow globe that had the word “Zenith” in it!

Shoot, there was another good one, hopefully it will come back, it had to do with a song I think, while I was driving, I was driving home and saw a bumper sticker that had something to do with the exact lyrics or song name, dang it was a good one.  I need to be better at tracking these.   🙁

Good flow this week, definitely been in it.  I’m also re-reading “The Power Of Now” by Eckhart Tolle.  It’s a great book and helping me to get back into non-resistance and flow quicker and easier.  Which is extra good, because if you listened to podcast episode #20 I think it was, I was talking about some crazy negativities out there, but I am working to stay focused on all the good things out there, so this book has been helping remind me to get out of slumps quicker.

All right, big gig this weekend for a long-time friend!  Super excited.  Got to get back to preparing.  Take care, have a great weekend!  And until next time my friend…Be Flowing!!!

OH WAIT! I also got a picture with my professor, World Champion Regis Lebre AND the one and only Master Royler Gracie!!! OSS!

Royler Gracie...yes I was scared.

Master Royler Gracie…yes I was scared.

Prof. Regis Lebre…OSS!

Prof. Regis Lebre…OSS!