So these days I am refocusing on Cash Flow.  Although I do have a couple real estate deals in the works, I have a plan to launch a real estate system that I started creating years ago when I was first getting started in the business.

The way to promote it has since changed as I've learned more and gotten more clear about the way I want it to operate. But I'll give you a quick example of how it works. 

Basically, I used to like working with FSBO's, or For Sale By Owner's.  Now, I like working with just a select few investors and flippers.  I don't need to be as hands on and it can save the investor thousands or more realistically, TENS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS a year!

Plus, I do okay off the deals too 😉

 I decided to revamp a book I launched last year that was aimed at FSBO's, and restructure it for my business as it focuses on providing a streamlined, money-saving process to investors and flippers.

I almost have the book done and plan to launch it with its own landing page by the end of this week.  Then, I will also make this system available to other real estate agents in other areas.  So I will use the system myself to pick up another 1-2 investors, then I will sell the system to others.  I'm pretty excited about this.  This one strategy/system made me about $19,000 last year part time.  Not great, but not bad either.  All relative I guess.

Next, is Black Belt Music Academy. I got pumped up again about it, I know now (remembered) that I should be able to get a 1% sales rate for my White Belt Piano program.  So, for every 100 people that visit that page, I should get one sale at $50.  Then its a matter of driving more traffic and working on getting the conversion rate up to 3%.

First, I need to determine how many people are actually visiting the site, versus what is spam. 

This has been a process all in itself!  I'm doing this for all my sites right now.  My spam blocker on this site said it has blocked over 2,500 spam registrations so far!  BUT, I am still getting registrations through the site, so I think that is a good thing.

BREAKING NEWS: Just got a call, a referral from a groom who's wedding I did a few months ago!  Woo-hoo! 

Ok, gotta get working, mail out an info package to this bride, get my stats dialed in, pay iContact (which requires getting credit card stuff all figured out), go get my car washed (poor neglected thing) get a haircut, (its waaay out of control), and then go teach some music.  Oh! Before I go though I want to update my iPod with some fresh music and business/marketing recordings.

All right, yesterday was a very challenging day, but here I am.  No, here I AM. Back for more.  Let's do this!

Until next time my friend, be flowing!